Peter Obi holds the highest records of achievements while in office till date


Oluniyi Gates a micro-blogging site, has praised the former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi for his tremendous achievement while in office.

Oluniyi twitted that the former Gov. Obi remains the only governor with the unbreakable longest list of achievements till this moment.

He went further to challenge all those with contrary opinion to provide thier evidence.

He said;
“Peter Obi has the longest list of achievement’s of any past or present governor in Nigerian history and I’m willing to bet on it. Bring out just one person, one that has more.”

The ex-governor reacted to the statement and stated that he wishes to have been able to do more for his state.

“I am humbled @OluniyiGates. I wish I could have done much better.” Obi replied.