A tourism potentials for kogi state.



    The beautiful landscape scenery of Ubi-Ogba cliff is located neither in Dubai nor London but rather in IDAH-Kogi State, Nigeria.

    It is called UBI-OGBA in Igala language [meaning “behind the fence”]. It is a cliff along the coast line of River Niger on the south western axis of Idah town directly overlooking river Ochéché. UBI-OGBA cliff rises from the plain land of Éga-waterside through the edge of Owoli-Apa then passing through the coastline of Ubomu [Idah nativity] & Ónah before gently sloping down to form plain level ground again at Ófianyi-Idah.

    It is composed mainly of metamorphic rock, hence the reason why it could hold back the high flood & resist landlislide [Ebuwa] & other form of alluvial erosion.
    UBI-OGBA cliff, if properly harnessed & put to full use can be a tourist haven & help generate revenue for the state government.

    Kogi State is indeed blessed with abundant natural, human & physical resources & this is just one amongst many other tourism potentials of the state.

    Therefore, the state ministry of culture & tourism through the Honourable Commissioner can take decisive action on this going forward.