4.8M Naira outstanding fees keeping me in school, Chimamaka


    A final year medical student of Bowen University has kick-started a fundraiser process for her outstanding school fees.

    The student who identfied herself as Chigbu-Jonah Chimamaka made an appeal for donations amounting to the sum of N4.8 million as she would not graduate if it is not paid. She shared a photo of the letter sent to her by the university, which was a break down of the fees to be paid.

    Chigbu-Jonah later took to her social media account to share details of the N200k she has raised so far, couretsy of well-meaning donors.

    She further had to make clarifictions and explain her situation in details because some social media users were accusing her of trying to defraud people.

    “Good day all. First of all I would to appreciate you all for taking the time to read through my post. Secondly please I am not trying to deceive anybody I am a medical student that transferred from biochemistry after my first year after having a GPA above 4.5. “I applied for transfer myself and 11 other colleagues of mine and have been studying medicine for the past 7 years that is why I have a matriculation number with SSE not CHS.

    When I got into school my father met up with every school fees put out no matter the increment. “But since his retirement five years ago things have gone from bad to worse and become so difficult. I was allowed to continue my clinicals with and undertaken promising that I would pay up but I still wasn’t able to pay up and it became mandatory that no one would be allowed to “To sit for professional examination without complete payment of fees.

    I started a fundraising to help pay my fees but didn’t meet up and I missed the main examination but was allowed under another undertaken and general plea from my lectures to the school to sit for the resit “Resit exams, trust me if I had known things would get this bad I would have dropped out four years ago and done something else with my life.

    Thirdly concerning the locked DM trust me I don’t even know how to manipulate twitter not to speak of locking my DM I apologize for the “Inconvenience and promise to get it fixed.”

    Chigbu-Jonah concluded.