Danger: Vandals Stealing Clips, Bolts On Lagos-Ibadan Rail Track


The Nigerian government has raised alarm concerning the stealing and replacing of clips, bolts and knots on the Lagos/Ibadan rail line.

Managing Director of the Nigerian Railway Corporation, Fidet Okhiria, said 5,000 clips and 10,000 bolts as well as knots had been replaced along the rail track.

Mr. Fidet said, “You can’t imagine that between Lagos and Ibadan, we have replaced over 5,000 clips and close to 10,000 bolts and nuts on the track and it is not a good thing at all.

“Without those things on the tracks, accidents can occur.

“We know the volume of passengers on a train. So vandalism of rail infrastructure has to stop.”

He added that government would still go ahead to extend the Lagos-Ibadan line to Kano in three years.

The Nigerian government has in the past 10 years sunk over 4 billion dollars in its railway sector with the hope of reviving and sustaining the sector.