See Pictures of The House In Which The PDP Woman Leader Was Burnt Alive


The late Mrs. Acheju was a one time ward councillor, a supervisory councillor and an SA to former Governor Wada.

She was actively involved in the electioneering campaign of Wada/Aro of the PDP.

According to reports, she became weak from the stress as a result of the rigours of the election and decided to get some drugs and relax for a while. She told the husband that she would soon join him in Abuja as she couldn’t stand another round of stress on the road back to Abuja.

An eyewitness account stated that,  It was while she was fast asleep after taking some medication that the thugs invaded her house and set it ablaze.

The villagers couldn’t do anything to save her and the thugs came armed with lethal guns and other weapons. They had ran far away from the village for safety. They said she tried to escape the inferno but the burglary proof won’t come off.

The thugs had barricaded all entrances and exits of the building. They stood there listening to her cry and wails of agony until she could not shout no more.

Mrs. Acheju is survived by a husband and children and grand children.