The more you give, the more God blesses you – Dangote


Speaking at the 2019 Gala night of Florence Otedola’s Cuppy Foundation in Abuja, the Africa Richest Man pointed out the importance of helping the needy.

The event was organised by the Cuppy Foundation to raise funds for Save the Children, the 100-year United Kingdom-based charity, which is the biggest children-focused organisation in the world after UNICEF.

Save the Children is currently targeting displaced children in the north-east.

Dangote, who made a donation of N100 million, said he would give away most of his wealth to charity before he “passes away.”

“I believe we have made more Nigerians to have a big heart to be giving back to the needy. Nigeria has been good to us. Despite our many needs, we need to also contribute and do our bit. We shouldn’t wait for the government to do every thing. The government has a lot of challenges as we too have ours,” Dangote said.

“Yet, I still think we need to give back. They say, ‘To whom much is given; much is expected.’ Philanthropy in Nigeria is not new. But people find it very difficult to give money away. But I think, the more you give; the more God blesses you and makes you richer.”

He commended Femi Otedola, who made a 5 billion Naira, saying the act has shown that Otedola is not only rich but wealthy.

“Femi has declared that he’s not just a rich man but a wealthy person. Now, he has joined the clique of wealthy men who don’t eat their money themselves alone or through their families. They make sure they give to others. For me, one thing I keep saying is that I’ll give away most of my money before I pass on. You know, we have to die one day.

“I must congratulate Cuppy for having a big heart to go and visit those children in Borno. 90 percent of the people I invite from Lagos to follow me to Maiduguri refused. But Cuppy went there, played with them and spent the whole day there.”